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tomorrow is 4 years for Cameron and I.

it's been forever!!!!

gonna drive down to cannon beach friday so we can take a vacation!!!
Finally got pictures back from the Academy Artistic shoot:

moreCollapse )

there were more but those were my favorites. It was fun! hope we have another soon.
Yesterday was the most fun I've had at school yet!!
We had an 'Academy Artistic' event, the plan was to pick your favorite fashion designer, and create a hairstyle that reflects some of their work. Along with that we needed to turn in a short essay and storyboard. I guess it was a competition too? though I don't know what the prizes were or anything, but anywho, my designer I chose was Tarina Tarantino, so of course I needed to make some PINK HAIR. Luckliy one girl at my school was brave enough to be the pinkhead, so I lightened her hair and then did foils of very very pale pink highlights and hot pink lowlights over cotton candy pink, and then hot hot electric pink underneath that. Her ends in the front blended to a darker pink though too, since we couldn't lighten those pieces enough, but it worked out lovely!! I styled her hair in ringlets and made it big in the back to go with my hello kitty headband, her hair resembled frenchy from grease, it was so cute. Then for the competition they had professional photographers! It was really amazing!!! Like watching a top model photoshoot, and then to see the creations of the other girls was so incredible! I COULD DO THIS EVERY DAY.
+ I did makeup for three girls at the show, which was soooo much fun. One girl had leopard print eyes <3
++ I will post the professional photos as soon as I get them!!!!!!

that's what I've got for now!
so today was awesome. totally helped boost my confidence at school. Evangeline (fellow student) was willing to let me pretty much do whatever to her hair as long as I didn't lighten it, so I ended up using this one color line that lifts and deposits to a very very bright red, and just did slices of color pie-shaped around her head. Underneath that and through the middle of her hair I colored it a dark brown-violet with an even darker brown violet under that. Turned out awesome!! Texturized her hair a LOT afterwards and it was super super pretty. I got excellent marks and comments from my instructors too. Gotta get my film developed and share some photos.
Yep yep! come see me next week and get 50% off your services! you could get a cut and color for about $27!!!!
message me for more details or call the gene juarez academy northgate and book with petra :)
Okay people I'm looking for a lady who has medium length hair (anywhere between mid-neck or longer) that is willing to go pink and platinum!
The idea is to have platinum blonde highlighted pieces on top with a light cupcake pink in-between and hot hot pink underneath, for a pale to pink gradient.

The model would need to come to the northgate campus in january for the show, and I would be doing makeup as well for a professional shoot for my portfolio! so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! If you or ANYONE you know would want to do this I would love you forever. I am way too excited about this opportunity to end up without a model. Also know that the model will only have to pay product charges which would only range from $10-$25, so pretty damn cheap guys.
Message me as soon as possible if ANYONE is interested!!!

vancouver friends and others out of town, you would be more than welcome to stay with me if you come up!!
Super happy!
I did another comp today for an allover color and I got a 99 (only missed one point because her hair was a little damp still in the nape after I dried it)!!! So so happy about that, and the woman was so incredibly nice, she's going to come back to see me before christmas, bought some product and tipped me $6, then I had another girl come in for a cut and color and I tried to comp her cut but her hair was down to almost the small of her back and I was just doing a trim, but with that much hair I ran over my time :( it was a bummer but her color and cut came out really well in the end and her mom who paid tipped me $10! So it was a really good day again all in all. I'm loving school so much it's amazing.
Also, only one more week till I'm coming home for thanksgiving!! Allison is coming down on the 25th too and I have her booked out for the ENTIRE DAY. Her services include: haircut, color, partial horizontal foil, pedicure, and manicure. Hopefully I can talk her into buying shampoo from me or something for some credit. Then on tuesday Cameron is coming in for my clipper cut comp and I'm feeling really confident about that. After the clipper cut, I'll just have one more haircut comp, partial horizontal foil comp, and my perm comp. It's all going really well!!
today was awesome.
I found out my score from Sara's haircut: 93!
I was given two student service slips for attendance.
Then my first guest of the day was for a partial foil, turns out she wanted a vertical foil so I decided to do a competency on that and not only did it look amazing on her I got a 96!!
2nd week and two of my six tests out of the way and looking good! I'm so happy right now :)
Alright everyone, I'm going to be on the floor on November 4th, ready to do your hair and nails.
But what's even better is if you think you wanna come up and see me, give me your address so the school can send you a %50 off service card! That's $7 for a haircut, $20 for all over color, so on so on, cheap and it would help me out! You can check the gene juarez academy website for full service/pricing list, and if you want to go ahead and make an appointment I'll be there Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and book with PETRA!
I hope you guys want to come see me because I want to see all of you!!

<3 <3 <3
- Mollie (Petra)
So after the most STRESSFUL FINAL OF MY LIFE, I passed design! I'm now moving on to technical which is perms/colors/foils/relaxers, the chemicals. Which means that if I pass again on time (which I totally will! I can feel it!) I'll be out on the floor:


Now here is what you do:
Everyone in the vancouver area, you guys should totally plan a carpool and come up to see me! We can book you one after an other and it would be super fun and totally help me out!
I miss everyone too!!
Anyway I totally love love school. I am so glad I'm finally doing it!!